Tuesday, 12 April 2011

green chinos, flowered shoes and necklaces

The best thing about coming home from university (apart from seeing my family, of course) is going to the local shopping centre and hitting Primark. I had such a good shopping experience yesterday that I bought too much for just one post! I was pleasantly surprised at the range on offer in Primark - maybe I just caught the introduction of the summer range coming in? Anyway, let me tell you what I bought. Apologies for the quality of the photos, I have no idea why they're such a low quality compared to usual.

01. see through orange dipped hem shirt, primark, £10. At last! I have finally found a shirt that hangs in a vaguely flattering way. As usual in Primark, they had no small sizes so I got a size 12, even though I could have done with a lot smaller (it's definitely over sized). They also had this shirt in cream, which I would have preferred, but every time I try it on, I fall more in love with the orangey colour.

02. green chinos, primark, £12. Another item of clothing I have problems with, this is the only pair of trousers in my wardrobe. They are still a bit baggy for my liking in some places, but chinos are an absolute must for summer, and they'll be great for every day fun. If I really like them, I might try and find some tighter jeans version - I just love the colour. Primark are stocking these in grey, pale pink, green and cream but only had the green in my size.

03. necklaces, primark, £2.50 each. You can't fault Primark's jewellery range, and I picked up two little wonders for a small price. The large cameo necklace was bought so I actually have a long necklace which hasn't got an owl on it - it isn't the most expensive looking of all costume jewellery, but it is a really great statement piece. I've been wanting a chain/fabric necklace for ages, they're so pretty and feminine. Bargains!

04. flowered pumps, new look, £6.99. I had a quick look at these in store because they were cute, but expected them to be a price which would be more than I'd want to pay for flowered shoes. I was shocked at the low price for such a comfortable pair of shoes. Ever get that feeling when you put on a pair of shoes that they'll be around for a long time whenever you want a happy feet day? These were the buy of the day - comfortable, cute and perfect for any summery outfit.


  1. I love the dipped hem shirt, I thought it was Topshop, looks so nice! Might just have to pick one up for myself! xo

  2. i love the shirt the most! those pumps are so cute, i may have to try a pair on myself xx


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