Thursday, 14 April 2011

ready for sailing

The second part of my little sales trip (I say little, I've bought enough to refresh my wardrobe for quite a while). This little haul has a distinct nautical theme - it wasn't intentional, I promise. I can't wait for the sun to come around again so I can party in the deck shoes, I might even buy a few more.

01. floppy hat, primark, £4. Ever since the blogosphere has gone summery, I've seen numerous bloggers rock the floppy hat. I've never been a huge hat person, but as soon I placed this one on my head, it was love at first sight. I don't know when I'm going to brave enough to wear it, but at least it is ready for those hot days, waiting in my wardrobe.

02. deck shoes, primark, £3. A pair of shoes for £3? I'm in heaven. I was warned by my Mum on purchase that if I went out in the rain in them, the base would expand - so they are fair weather shoes only! They had them in a range of different colours, and if I pop back during the week, I might purchase a few more. They are very comfortable for a person who has very sensitive feet, and I'm about to go out in them now!

03. 150 dernier tights, primark, £2. Why bother with such a high dernier, you might ask? I guess I could just wear leggings instead, but I always feel much more dressed up when I wear tights, so these will be for going out in I think. Primark is the only the place that do such a thick tight for so cheap, so I grabbed these as soon as I saw them.

04. tea tree and witch hazel face wash and moisteriser, boots, 2 for £5 from the range. I've been hankering after putting together a proper skin care routine recently, and I was going to purchase the Clearasil daily face wash to get rid of the blemish around the corners of my mouth and chin. At £5.40 though, I thought I'd try the Boots version with accompanying moisteriser and see how I go. Anyone had experience with the Clearasil face wash though?


  1. I'm loving stripes at the moment, gets you in the mood for sea and sunshine :) I hope you get on well with the Boots tea tree range, it's my routine and its reasonably cheap and effective. xx

  2. It really does make me feel summery, every time I look at these photos. I'm getting on well so far with it, hard to compare when I've not tried others. But so far, so good.



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