Thursday, 7 April 2011


I'm having yet another eBay clear out, mainly because the colours of these TopShop tops aren't suiting me at the moment. I hope that the silk bralet has caught your eye too, because I've finally decided to part with it (even though I've worn it twice in the year I've had it). I searched everywhere for it, and finally found it in a Topshop when I went on holiday. I've also put a few items for my mum on eBay, so there is some pretty dresses and skirts available too.

Starting Price: 0.99
Like I've mentioned above, I searched for this bralet for months before finally finding it hidden in a Topshop on holiday. The front is 100% silk, and it is just the prettiest item in my wardrobe currently. It has been listed in the top section of women's clothing but it could equally be used as lingerie. It's been worn twice in the year I've had it, and looks even better than it photographs.

I was surprised to see the full range of these wavy detail tunics have disappeared from the Topshop website. There is still red and black ones available, but I love the dusky blue of this item. Again, it has hardly been worn because it made my hips look a tad larger than I would have liked. It retailed at £18 and was only purchased at Christmas.

Starting Price: 0.99
The colour of this vest photographs terribly, but I can promise you it is the magenta that Topshop often use in their basics range. It has yet again hardly been worn, and is really great for throwing on over vest tops. It's being sold because the colour encourages me to wear too much black and I'm trying to be colourful for summer.

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  1. a bralet!!!!! i've been looking for one to include in a DIY post I have in mind! hmmmm.... hehehe



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