Sunday, 3 April 2011


I received a few samples from L'Oreal when I bought the Studio Secrets Primer (reviewed here), and have only just got round to testing them out. This is the L'Oreal 'Milk-to-Toner' makeup remover, which retails at around £5 for a 150ml tube.

I've never been a huge fan of make up removers, as I find using baby wipes just as effective and very soft on my skin. Curiosity got the better of me, so I tried this one evening to remove make up after a shower, and really liked it. The milky cocoa smell is absolutely delicious and the milk is runny enough to massage into your skin with dripping off the end of your chin! The toner made my skin feel soft and velvety, but also refreshed. I was impressed, but what did others think about it?

I had a quick investigate online, and read some reviews which other consumers had made about the product. The main complaint was that the milk stings the eyes when removing eye make up and because of this, it wouldn't be very good for those with sensitive skin. I've got to disagree with this. Sure, when I got it in my eye, it stung. But you must remember this is a toner product and the ingredients for toner do tend to sting the eyes. My solution was simple - put the milk on a cosmetic bud (or a simple cotton bud) to wipe the lower lid and around your eyelashes. I had no problem after discovering this, and just loved the product even more.

So what do I think? At around £5 a bottle, it is perfect for the lazier beauty who wants to combine removal of make up with toning the skin. It's affordable, and left me with a delicious smelling, velvety face. I'll definitely be buying a tube off this - I've got my eye on this eBay bargain!

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