Wednesday, 16 March 2011

This is why I love volunteering at a charity shop. The whole of season one of the City - £10. Perhaps a bit on the tad expensive side. The whole of season one of the City - £6 with volunteer discount. And remember, the money will go to charity too. That's the kind of purchase I love to make.

Of course, even those who don't watch the City may know that Olivia Palermo made her public debut on the show. 504 minutes of beautifully put together, chic and often high street combinations from the current queen of style. How gorgeous did she look in her yellow dress on the front row of the Look Show?


  1. ooooooooooo great bargain, i love the city!!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. what a bargain! which charity shop do you volunteer at? sorry for the late reply with your email. il sent you a lengthy one soon doll xx


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