Monday, 28 February 2011


I went for a well deserved shopping trip a couple of days ago. When I say well deserved, I mean I hadn't been for a while, and retail therapy is always appreciated. There wasn't a lot of choice I found, as the stores are dominated (especially New Look) by sheer shirts. I absolutely adore sheer shirts, but I'm yet to find one which fits all my curves without hanging in bad places. I must have tried on over six different styles in New Look - but I just can't justify splashing out twenty pounds for something that isn't quite right. Instead I looked for some wardrobe staples, and this is what I found.

01. short black blazer from new look - £18 - I was absolutely delighted with this find. I've been looking for a blazer for a while, seeing it is most definitely a wardrobe staple. There have been a few cheaper options available in Primark, but I really fell in love with the shape of this one. At eighteen pounds, it's an excellent quality blazer, perfect for both work and play. I've been styling it over jeggings, and it is just fantastic.

02. striped tee shirt from h&m - £4.99 - I avoid horizontal stripes, but I have been drawn to a tee like this ever since I saw someone around town wearing it with a blazer (see the logic in my shop?). The vee neck gives it a little more shape than just a typical tee and it really does have the relaxed yet chic factor. I only could get a medium, but I'm going to keep an eye out for a smaller size because I'm falling in love with the item, and the price.

03. purple tights from new look - £2.99 - Yet another buy inspired by street fashion, I didn't feel that £2.99 was too expensive to try out something a little more fun. Again, I've avoided coloured tights because I was always under the impression that they could make your legs look larger, but I've discovered with these beauties that it depends how you style them. Really great for a relaxed look with long boots, or dressed up with heels for a simple yet colour popping outfit.


  1. Both great staples. I love how blazers make everything look dressy.
    x x


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