Sunday, 27 February 2011


This is a quick post to let my lovely new readers know that I do sell a small range of home made jewellery (domino, lego and dice). I've gained a lot more followers since I last posted about this, and felt that I needed to update everyone with new photos. So hello to my new followers!

The domino rings are currently for sale on eBay or my big cartel site, so you can simply head over there and purchase one straight away if you fancy it. I will send the ring out within three days by second class, so it shouldn't take too long to reach you.

domino rings - £4.50 + 50p post and packaging

I don't know how popular the dice and lego rings will be, so if you're interested in one, please leave a comment and I will relist them as well.

Happy purchasing!


  1. these are great! you wouldnt happen to be the lady who enquired to kate about getting a stall at the bazaar would you? if so will you be selling there? these would look great xxxx

  2. I am indeed, and I've sent you a quick email just in case you didn't check back here! x

  3. just bought the domino ring, looking forward to it coming now (:

    thanks very much for getting back to me !!



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