Friday, 21 January 2011

waking up and you have 75 page views

what a crazy morning.

i thought i was going silly when i checked blogger this morning and saw that my page views had gone up from around five or six a day to seventy five yesterday! this is all thanks to kavita at iheartvintage who featured one of my domino rings in her outfit of the day posts.

feeling enterprising and terrified all at the same time, i had emailed kavita asking if she would accept a free domino ring, with no obligation to advertise. she's got such a quirky sense of style with a great eye for accessories, and there was a little hope in my mind that she may just like my design. i always told readers would receive the trials and tribulations of making jewellery, so it would be rude not to mention my encounter at the post office. brain box that i am, i decided to post kavita's ring in a tiny envelope and save packaging costs. it soon became obvious that the parcel was so small that the post woman couldn't put the parcel label on, so she made me lick and stick around six individual stamps onto a miniscule package - verging on the humiliating as everyone in the line behind tuts and grumbles.

again, big thank you to kavita for doing a lovely outfit of the day featuring a domino ring - how that girl styles herself so beautifully is beyond me. and to celebrate 75 pageviews for the domino rings, i've reduced the cost from £5 to £4 for limited time only. grab them while you can!

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  1. Congrats! May you have many more followers too! :)


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