Wednesday, 19 January 2011

review - palmer's cocoa butter

finding a moisturiser which is both affordable and effective is often difficult. known more famously perhaps as a reliever of stretch marks and scars, palmer's cocoa butter formula is also an excellent overnight moisturiser. at £3.56 for 250 ml, it is an affordable alternative to the larger cosmetics brands.

  • the formula. with cocoa butter being a key ingredient, the formula is a vanilla/cocoa scented moisturiser. the smell; you'll either love or hate it.
  • the application. i've found the moisturiser is better used as an overnight formula, rather than than pre make up application. the cream does soak into the skin eventually, but unless you've got plenty of time, avoid usage in a morning before your make up routine.
  • the impact. my face was considerably smoother after a couple of overnight uses of palmer's. obviously, it may not leave your skin as silky smooth as clarin's best moisturiser for example, but it undoubtedly does the job. following the success as a facial moisturiser, i'll be using it on my scars: that is, after all, it's specialism.
  • the price. at around £3.50 for 250 ml, the moisturiser is most definitely affordable.
  • the range. moisturising body oil, body butter, olive butter formula and a specific massage lotion for stretch marks make up the palmer's range - all at around £5.
  • the verdict. if you're a connoisseur of moisturiser, perhaps stay with the expensive, tried and tested cosmetics brands. if you're more like me and like an affordable, successful moisturiser which allows you to get rid of dry skin with little output, palmer's is definitely worth a look. at the price of £3.56 for the 250ml bottle, you can afford to give the cocoa butter formula a trial run.


  1. I was given a sample of this moisturizer to try ages ago, and now I'm absolutely totally in love with it - it's absolutely fantastic, and I love the smell too!

  2. I adore the smell too Rachel - I am aware that some people may hate it though; I went and tested it on my boyfriend who was disgusted! It's such an excellent product for the price and definitely deserves a review.


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