Monday, 17 January 2011

parcel delivery - wedge booties & asos bag

just wanted to share with someone my parcel delivery for today. i've been waiting for this parcel for weeks - it didn't disappoint.

01. brown wedge boots from marks and spencer. i would never think of buying shoes from marks and spencers, but i came across these when using the google shopping tool. i'd fallen in love with the topshop limited edition acorn wedges in the sales, to sadly find i couldn't pry my foot into a size 4 and unable to find a size 5 anywhere. i was looking for a replacement, and fell upon these for £35 - they're not exactly the same but they look great and are very comfy for a high wedge!

02. asos canvas buckle holdall for £35. i was a bit worried about this bag, because although i was looking for a large versatile bag, when it arrived at home, my mom said it was huge! on second thoughts though, it is large but it will be perfect for day to day. i used christmas money for it, i don't think i'd buy it at the price otherwise. it should go very nicely with any outfit - and with my new brown wedges!


  1. they're lovely :)

    i always find it really lovely when i find a topshop replica - especially in the shoe department. topshop shoes are so expensive for the quality!!

    love your blog :)

  2. lmc - i know, i'm falling more and more in love with it everything i look at it.

    lauraaloves - topshop only get away with the quality because their designs are always great. i love them. ty for loving my blog, made me smile!


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