Friday, 21 January 2011

style - blake lively

blake lively, of gossip girl fame, has been complimented throughout magazines for her impeccable style and taste. the mix of both simplicity and statement dependant on the occasion gives her audience an opportunity to recreate her look - whether you wish to stand out at a party, or deliver elegance to every day. never one seen in the worst dressed column, it is difficult to place blake's style in one category.

what does this style entail?
classic chic - elegant and simple outfits for every day wear.
flamboyant feminine - use of statement pieces.
mixture of chic and flamboyancy - occasional use.
classic chic meets flamboyantly feminine

style notes
  • use classic designs and shapes but experiment in bright colours. examples of maxi dress in orange, one shoulder dress in rich blue and flared trouser in pale pink.
  • basic palette of black, brown and white. wardrobe essentials should include leggings, shirt, body con skirt, jeans and long tees.
  • liven up the wardrobe essentials with blazers, denim jackets and leather jackets. for example, blake uses a statement blazer to compliment a simple jeans and white tee outfit.
  • mix and match statement with simplicity. remember everyone going crazy over blake's denim shirt and glittery skirt combination?
  • use your accessories to their best advantage. match the colours in a dress with shoes and bag of the same. scarves and hats can be used to accentuate a colour in a simple black/brown/white outfit.
  • for parties, choose dresses with a statement feature. think differing hemlines, bold colours or extravagant ruffling.

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