Monday, 24 January 2011

red swan

thought i'd give you more of a personal post than normal although probably talking about two of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere.

i know that some bloggers, such as magpie girl, have discussed a hair colour change - well, i converted to the on trend red in the beginning of january. i had no idea that red was going to be big this year, but i love it! i'm not fully happy with the shade of red yet. the hairdresser persuaded me to go for a darker red than what i wanted because she thought that it would wash out quickly and become lighter instantly. annoyingly it hasn't, so a trip to boots for a rihanna red hair dye is in order soon! you might have noticed that i am very pale, so i've always been told to go red but have never been brave enough. i think i'm a red convert!

i went to see black swan last night. intrigued by the many bloggers who has been to see it, i was optimistic of how good it would be. it exceeded all expectations, but in a very different way to i expected. it is a very beautiful piece of film, supported by the ever constant score and terrific acting - the psychological thriller side was a lot more dark than expected. i would recommend it as an excellent film; natalie portman deserves the best actress oscar on the depth in which she plays her character, which must have been emotionally demanding. i found it similar to changeling and the reader in the way that whilst it is dark and psychologically demanding, it is compulsive viewing and one that must be seen again.

signing out for now,


  1. i so badly want red hair, but i still live at home s my mum won't let hoo
    good luck with the rihanna red!


  2. Red hair is definitely a new lease on life...enjoy it! Great post. :)

  3. I want to convert to the trend of red as well but i'm not sure... I've never dyed my hair before, and it's like my baby!! If i it goes wrong I'd come close to killing myself, I swear!!



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