Thursday, 27 January 2011


i went for a cheeky shopping trip yesterday, thinking it was high time that my bank account saw some action that wasn't tesco. luckily, i got exactly what i wanted and managed to spend a little less than i thought; very pleasing.

01. soft pink knitted jumper from topshop, £9. although absolutely hideous on the hanger, something about knitwear from topshop always attracts me, so i tried it on. on a person, a lot less hideous - although not breathtaking, it's pleasing to the eye and very comfortable. however, there was a problem. the jumper had been next to an equally hideous dress with fake diamonte detailing. the wool had caught on the dress and snagged badly. it's such an odd shaped jumper that it actually looked purposeful. happy to pay £10 for it, i sneakily requested discount because it was damaged and got an extra pound off. as mary portas would say, if you're not happy, complain!

02. real leather purse from topshop and man's wallet from the market, £10 and £5. i'm a big lover of men's wallets but i'm also a fan of topshop purses. i decided to combine my two loves and bought a loose change purse from topshop and a wallet for my cards off the market. they look very chic in my asos bag!

03. l'oreal studio secrets professional primer, £14. i've heard so much about this product from various magazines that even though it's labelled with a high price tag, i needed to test it myself. the l'oreal lady in boots let me try on the back of my hand, and i was absolutely amazed at the results. i'll do a beauty product review of this later. special offer on at l'oreal, buy the primer and get a free makeup bag with various tester tubes! it was definitely my day!

01. assortment of history books for uni
02. laura ashley ringbinder


  1. I agree, I really like Topshop knitwear as well, and its such great quality. Bargain as well :)

  2. there is definitely something about their knitwear - also, they always have a wide range of shapes and styles to suit everyone.



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