Sunday, 9 January 2011

review - give me eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions have risen in popularity within the last few months, having been featured a little more widely in the beauty pages of our day to day magazines. never a fan of the fake eyelash, i was still intrigued by the application of individual lashes by a professional - my attempts had always ended up with eyelash glue smeared over the desk. at £15, the eyelash extensions i had were supposed to be for a big night out, but would last for a longer period of they were looked after - they were done by a small private salon, so were cheaper than other places. the brow bar at debenhams for example, offers a wide range of eyelash extensions, from £30 to £70 which last for up to two months.

i'd had a quick read about the eyelashes beforehand, and discovered that they are recommended for contact lense wearers such as me. because you shouldn't wear mascara or heavy eye make up after the extensions or applied, eyes can't get irritated when removing make up. you are advised not to be rough with the lashes, avoid rubbing them and using cotton buds to remove any eye make up you may have applied.

the final result was impressive (especially for only £15). i had them done five days ago, and so far they have showed no impression of falling off, or even moving. i did cheekily put some mascara on for a night out, but i wouldn't recommend it - to be honest, it made very little difference, and was made my eyelashes feel heavier for no gain. the best part of the eyelashes is definitely the time saved in a morning, and i've actually worn a lighter base of make up since their application - foundation and concealer for my skin as usual, but have not needed to apply eye liner or mascara.

i apologise for forgetting to take a before picture, but at least this gives you an idea of what result you get from eyelash extensions. i've not seen many eyelash extension reviews, so i hope this gives you a realistic idea of what the magazines have been talking about recently!


  1. I love the look of these extensions....hmmm, might have to try them out. I hate applying and removing mascara! Great blog by the way :)


  2. The eyelashes look great! I'm not a huge fan of fake lashes either, but these look really natural. I'm definitely tempted to try them for myself!



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