Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2011, the year of length

the year of length?
what is this blogger talking about?

well you heard it here first. 2011 is gearing up to be a year of changing the length of, well, pretty much everything.

last summer, the fashion magazines announced the must have item for any festival was a maxi dress. and admit it, there is a well loved, hidden maxi dress at the bottom of your wardrobe hoping to be adored again when the sun comes out. it seemed to be a one hit wonder, one season only style, and sure enough, there was maxi dress aplenty in the january sales. but don't run for your mini dress/skirt/shorts just yet. it seems maxi is very much here to stay. why are we so surprised? the maxi dress was perfect for all occasions, versatile enough to switch from day to night with some well placed accessories and heels - fashion was finally comfortable. every high street store released some variety of the maxi into their spring/summer collection. embrace the length ladies, no ankles on show this year.

courtesy of asos.com

your skirt isn't the only thing changing length this year. celebrities on all four corners of the world are embracing a radical change of length for hair. first we admired keira knightley's matchy match bob alongside carey mulligan on the red carpet of their premiere - from long haired goddess to, well, short haired goddess. pictures of emma watson's pixie cut rocketed around the internet - she dared to be brave, and has gained photoshoots galore ever since. on the other end of the spectrum, we lost rihanna's bob to wild curls. but she is definately not the only girl in the world who can rock a change of length. so book your radical cut, or unbook your weekly trim.

enjoy it to the max!

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  1. I'd love to get a bob style like kiera but far too scared how it'll turn out!
    On the other hand, definitely looking forward to lots of spring maxi dresses/skirts :)



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