Saturday, 8 January 2011

domino rings

i'm back to uni & living life to the full again - so a little delay in posting this week!

the lego rings survived their prototype week with flying colours. i took them everywhere - the gym, shopping, driving and the pub. they seem to be very durable, which is always essential for any jewellery i wear.

i accidentally sent ring components to different addresses over the holidays, so i've only just been able to create these domino rings. i absolutely adore them. and for everyone interested, you'll be pleased to discover that both domino and lego rings are now for sale on ebay to purchase instantly.

happy purchasing!

lego rings - £3.50
will be relisted dependant on demand
if you want a lego ring, please email/comment me and i'll relist it


  1. hi (: i just tried to purchase one of these domino rings off ebay but it said the listing had ended.. are you going to be putting any more of these rings up as i'd really like to purchase one? xx

  2. I have relisted the domino rings on ebay, and will relist the lego rings dependant on demand. Please try the link in the post again, and it will lead to the new selling page. Thank you so much for getting in touch about this, they needed relisting!



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