Monday, 3 January 2011

sales haul (part two)

so today i attempted part two of my sales haul, and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which believe me, is a rare occurrence in our local shopping centre.

01. one vital wardrobe staple for me is a black body to put under short sleeved vests and tops - i'm not a huge fan of showing my arms. i picked one up from primark for £5, bargain buy! from visiting, i've been fascinated by the use of knee high socks with boots, so was quick to add these new look cable knit socks to my basket (£3.99). my new shoes should hopefully be arriving in the next few days, and i cannot wait to see if the combination does work.

02. despite declaring in the previous sales post that i do not shop at topshop, i'm impressed with their current range, and yet again bought some beautiful pieces from there. my favourite is a cropped cream blouse with oversized sleeves, which although comes with the price tag of £32, was simply too irresistible to walk away from. having just looked it up on the topshop website, i'm astounded at how plain and dull it looks - no irresistibility factor at all.

cropped button shirt (buttermilk) - £32

03. my favourite wardrobe piece is my topshop plain black tunic. i wear it with everything, and even wear it out with heels and big jewellery for nights out. topshop seemed to have discontinued the line, but replaced it with a similar shaped wavy detail tunic. it is exactly the same fit, and i have no doubt that the blue will serve me for all occasions too.

wavy detail tunic (navy blue) - £18

04. i always avoid topshop's two vests for £10 range, because the sizes look simply miniscule. however today i must have been feeling brave, and tried it on. although quite transparent, the colours were too good to miss, and i picked up a camel and burnt orange version. i eat my words, and tell any size twelve's out there to not be misled by the size of the garment on the hanger!

scoop vest - 2 for £10

perhaps the best part of the day was a visit to accessorize. following a disastrous shopping trip last thursday, i bought a bag from the shop which i needed to return immediately, it was such a waste of £20. i was filling in my details when the shop assistant asked me where my ring was from, because 'it looks so funky!'. i don't know about you, but i never have any idea what ring i'm wearing, so glanced down and, lo and behold, it was my prototype lego ring!

such a nice day; i hope you are having as much luck in the sales.


  1. thank you very much, i'm quite taken with topshop's range now. x


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