Wednesday, 11 May 2011

the age old question

dress: Topshop

I'm in love with this dress. I actually bought it today, precisely ten minutes after receiving my pay check and it took me quite a while before I really fell in love with it. You know when you're in the changing rooms, wearing flats and it just doesn't quite look right? This is a heel dress through and through. It's actually now out of stock on the Topshop website, and they had to take mine off the mannequin for me, as they were also out of stock.

The question I have for you all is - what do I wear underneath for a night out? It is much more low cut than the picture explains, and impossible to wear just a normal bra underneath. During the day I'd wear a vest top underneath, no problem. Currently my possibilities are my La Senza essentials bra, wearing a seamless bandeau or body tape? Could anyone help me out? I'm especially interested in how well the body tape works.


  1. this dress is gorgeous - i love the colour!!

    i don't think i'd be comfortable without wearing anything underneath either though!! but i like the idea of the black bandeau :)


  2. Hmmm... I looked at this one in Topshop and felt the same! I'd probably go with a pretty bandeau, just because I don't get on well with body tape. :)

  3. This dress is pretty, lets go for cocktails and you can wear it:)
    P.s. linked to your giveway xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage


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