Saturday, 5 March 2011


I have had such a lovely day. I popped down to my local vintage fair to have a rummage and meet Ella from Belle Vintage. If you do not know this blogger, I highly recommend you pop over and click your follow button! We have been emailing to and fro all week about rings and suchlike (she's been giving me great advice on a bigcartel shop: more to come on that) so it was lovely to meet the face behind the computer. I did promise myself I wouldn't spend any money, but inevitably there was too much lovely stuff not to buy anything.

01. rust colour over sized cardigan £14. I've been wanting an over sized cardigan for ages, but in a mulberry colour. However, on my second rifle through Belle Vintage rails, I discovered this lovely orange cardigan which I couldn't quite resist. It is pretty oversized on me, but so comfy and I'm not sure it'll be leaving my side for a couple of weeks.

02. red St Michael shirt £12. I was debating between this and a pussybow blue blouse, but the colour just attracted me too much. It is over sized for me, but I just the love the boldness of the colour and the material is so silky smooth. Plus £12, what a bargain compared to the high street versions around at the moment.

So, you can consider me a convert to vintage, and I hope I might be able to do some outfit posts at some point to accompany these photos. Head over to Belle Vintage and have a look at her stock - if you're a fan of blazers or scarves I can guarantee you will find something you love!


  1. i was going to get red shirt just like yours in a charity shop....but i didn't know what to pair it with :/
    outfit post on these by any chance? ahaha!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. I will try to do an outfit post on it at some point; I admit I only realised my camera has a self timer on for outfit posts today! It's a gorgeous piece and I'll be tempted to dress it simply with black underneath.


  3. Great vintage items - going to look lovely :o) Scarlett x

  4. ah so glad you like your buys lady! thanks for popping along:) xxx

  5. oh wow the fair looks fantastic! i haven't had much time to go vintage hunting lately but i'm dying to! Only half a day at work tomorrow.... Maybe vintage calls for me ;)


  6. you picked up some gorgeous items from Ella's stall, very lovely

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. thank you for the comments ladies. i really think you should all go vintage, i'm very pleased with my purchases!


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