Thursday, 24 March 2011


For anyone who also follows Ella (BelleVintage), you'll know that she has kindly let me have a bit of space on her vintage stall at a local vintage market on Saturday. Having met her in real life at a previous vintage market, we had a reunion at Starbucks on Tuesday to discuss game plans, life and blogging. Three hours later, and we still hadn't run out of things to talk about but assignments were due the next day and I sadly had to say bye and head over to the library.

So for Saturday I'm selling the full range available on my shop, plus a few extras which will be put up on the shop at the weekend dependant on their success (think lego necklaces and maybe flower rings). My dad is a printer, and I had asked him to print me a few business cards to hand out to various people - when the box arrived today I realised that his few meant several hundreds of delicious looking business cards. I feel so pro!

I'll be posting tomorrow to show you what I'm taking to the market, and see what you think!


  1. Aw that's so lovely of Ella! Your business cards look so nice and profesh (: Good luck at the stall sweet. xxx

  2. She is certainly a lovely lady. Thankyou so much for the good luck, I'm hoping for a sunny day.


  3. Your business cards looks great Scarlett x

  4. The cards look really great! Hope the stall goes down well (which I'm sure it will do!).

    Where is the market?



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