Wednesday, 2 February 2011


i had a sit down and rifled through my shoe wardrobe for this post, and tried to be honest with myself. honestly vicki, what do you actually wear on a day to day basis? i managed to limit my ten plus wardrobe down to four - these are the shoes i actually wear.

01. grey knee high boots from primark, £15. an absolute gem of a find, i haven't seen these worn look boots in any primark since. i came across them in brighton and had to buy a size seven (i'm usually a size four to five) as my calf would not fit - how embarrassing! despite being two sizes too big, these boots go with the majority of outfits and are very comfortable. i wear them very often with dusky pink colours.

02. brown wedge lace up boots from marks and spencers, £35. i won't tell you too much about these, as i've already poured my heart out as to how much i love them in this post. a tad more expensive than i'd usually pay for shoes, but they've been very comfortable on nights out.

03. brown cuffed ankle boots from evans. i can't remember for the life of me how much these were, but they have been an excellent pair of shoes. not only do they go with anything, they've survived the big snow of 2010 and are distressingly comfortable (i could sleep in them). i'd advise everyone who has a wider foot to shop in evans, they have a lovely range of shoes/boots.

04. black platform wedges from new look, £24.99. i'd ummed and ahhed over these shoes for a long time before purchase, as they looked astonishingly high online and in reality. i finally plucked up the courage to try them on and they're a real wardrobe staple. used on pretty much every night out before being usurped by the brown wedges, they go with any outfit and are surprisingly comfortable for such a height. they're back in stock at new look, and i'm sorely tempted to invest in a nude pair too.

i own a few pairs of flats - leopard print, spots and golden shimmer. i'm not a big heel person at all, due to the fact i am more than likely to sprain my ankle every time i leave the flat. it's a wedges and boots dominated shoe wardrobe for me, every time.

what is your shoe wardrobe like?


  1. those black platform wedges are no way from newlook!!?? i've been looking for ones like that for aaaaages!

    nesha x

  2. i know nesha! despite the mud (i really should have cleaned them before doing this), they look more expensive than new look shoes. get a pair, they're so comfortable.


  3. hey lady thank you for your lovely comments recently:) am most cetainly following your lovely little blog. p.s. you have amazing taste in shoes. p.p.s you didnt have to mention you were from the canterbury area did you? xx

  4. yes, i'm studying here. i was so pleased when i found the vintage fair off the high street, and i probably did see your stall at some point! it'd be lovely to sell some of my jewellery there at some point.



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