Tuesday, 22 February 2011


This week's must have item is the headband. Vague, I know, but it has been my lifesaver this week and well deserved this spot on the blog. With February turning into March, we're getting rain, wind and all sorts of horrid things. My hair is the kind that only has to see the drizzle to curl - sadly when I say curl, I don't mean in obedient ringlets.

The solution? A simple headband from any high street store worn a different way. I know many people say to me that I wear headbands oddly, but this way, it keeps all my hair down and combats the inevitable curling. Not only that, it looks cute and I try to choose a headband from my range to compliment my outfit. So next time it's raining? Grab your umbrella and headband.


  1. I live in head bands and this is pwerddddddddy! Thanks for visiting my blog ;)
    I found it hard to know where the comment link was on yours just now, just thought I'd mention in-case you could alter it so everyone can see right away xx

  2. Thank you for your advice Lara, I'll be implementing the change straight away. x


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