Tuesday, 22 February 2011


H&M - £12.99

I bought a pair of jeggings from H&M yesterday, and it got me thinking as to their virtues. Jeggings are not a new phenomenon. They've been despised, loved or avoided for a couple of seasons now, so maybe its about time to remember why jeggings are still a present part of every high street store's staple items.

As a girl with a stomach which is steadily disappearing, a bum which is definitely not disappearing and odd shaped legs, jeans aren't the easiest items to buy. I love Levi, Wrangler and even your average Topshop jeans but I cannot find a pair which fit. I can find a pair that may fit in store, but after a couple of washes have gone oddly shaped around the bum area. I can find a pair that are comfy but so slouchy that I couldn't leave the house in them. Finding a pair that looks good all the time though? Nearly impossible.

My answer is the jegging. From the denim look imitations of Primark to the ASOS pairs which look just like jeans, the high street has a wide range in both colours and styles. So why go jegging?
  • They fit all body shapes. Curves, big calves, small thighs - you name it, jeggings fit it. It gives you a jean which moulds to your body. After all, isn't that what you're always trying to find in the jean section?
  • The prices are often more reasonable than jeans. The amount I wear denim means I do have to invest often in replacements. Jegging prices are considerably cheaper than jeans, and you do not need to sacrifice quality.
  • They can be bought online. You're always one size or another in jeggings (generally the size you would be in shorts/trousers). That means you do not have to slave away trying on various pairs in store, and just order your desired pair.
  • You can purchase a jegging for every occasion. Primark do a denim imitation jegging; H&M do your average jean look jegging; ASOS do the more expensive designer look jegging.

L-R: Topshop (£30), H&M (£14.99), ASOS (£57)

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