Sunday, 24 April 2011

absent without leave

I feel like the worst blogger ever for not posting in over a week. I've come back to university, started my part time job again and begun the hefty revision all in around five days. Can you forgive me for going AWOL? I have a couple of beauty posts lined up, and hopefully will be hitting the shops this week to spend my hard earned wages, but in the mean time I thought I'd show you this.

I met up with Ella on Wednesday, and she brought me a present! It's a vintage Monopoly set, and I'm already thinking of ideas for the houses, plus ready to make the playing pieces into sets. Got to admit though, I think I might have a few games with it first. So thank you to Ella, she really is the best. I think Starbucks are now prepared for our three hour trips where neither of us quietens down for the whole time.

I also purchased this green bikini set for swimming this weekend. I didn't want anything too expensive, but I was surprised to pick this set up from George for £5. It's perfectly good for holidays, let alone a couple of odd trips to the swimming baths. They've just released their new swimwear range, and there are a few affordable bikinis, so head down for your holiday shop.

I'm sorry for my absense without leave, I'll be back with you ASAP.

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  1. I love the old Monopoly! It's all so complicated now with themed sets and ones with credit cards... I just want to old fashioned version back! x


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