Monday, 27 December 2010

sales haul (part one)

i hit the sales on boxing day, and within an hour was regretting it. there are times when being five foot one is an advantage, and the sales are not one of those times! i did have a productive hour before the masses arrived, and i thought i'd share my haul with you. part two is to come later in the week, all being well and snow staying away!

01. i love topshop makeup. though it is really good quality for a clothing store range, my main reason for adoring it is the packaging. i love the dots, scribbles and lines on all the product cases - they make my make up look co-ordinated and very cute! i bought the concealer, powder foundation, eye liner and yet another lipstick for my collection. i'll try to give you a review of the products within the next week or so.

lipstick (hazard) - £8.00
concealer (light) - £7.00
foundation powder (nude 2) - £9.00
eye liner (jet) - £6.50

02. last year i had a big checked shirt which i bought for a festival, which then stayed in my wardrobe for another year. i eventually had to part with it because everyone was fed up of seeing it, but i found a replacement for £8 in primark. it's similar to this (new look), but two pounds cheaper.

03. my gamble of the sales were these jersey basics from topshop - one, two and three. although a big fan of topshop, i don't end up buying many clothes from there, so these were an experiment. i'm hoping they'll creating a bit of a capsule wardrobe, a la Gok Wan! my favourite buy, the mulberry vest, will look great with leggings, a black blazer and heels for a night out (once i find a cheap black blazer!) but will also dress down over a black body and leggings.

sleeveless shirt (dark blue) - £18.00
long sleeve tee (dusty blush) - £16.00
burn out zip back vest (burgundy) - £15.00

04. i'm a big fan of primark's accessories section and it didn't let me down. the 1930's esq head pieces (last photo) are beautiful, and will make any simple up do look extra elegant and chic for £3 each. it also provided me with a black studded clutch, reduced from £7 to £3. perfect!

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